Montag, Februar 10, 2003
ich lasse mich doch...

nicht veräppeln:



thank you for your email. I´m very sorry that your husband has died - as you may know he was a close friend of mine. I met him in a bar in Lagos a few years ago, and we stayed in contact ever since. I´m very sorry to hear he´s dead now and I regard it as a duty of honor, to help you, as you are the widow of this dear friend of mine.
However, to get things going, I guess the best thing would be, if I came to nigeria to discuss, how to go on. As you said you could pay for the expenses, I think the first thing is, to send me an airline ticket to Lagos or some money, so that I can buy the ticket myself.
Please let me know what you´d prefer. If you like me to bring some things for you with me, like chocolate or perfume (I think I remember your husband told me that you prefer Chanel and Toblerone), please let me know and I see what I can do.
I´m looking forward to meet You.

Until then I´m your
Mr. U. Allbutme"

Im dümmsten Fall fliege ich kostenlos nach Lagos...
Wenn nur andere so gewissenhaft Anfragen bearbeiten würden.

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